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Zambia Open Community Schools is a vibrant and a flagship local organization of Community Schools since 1992, that empowers communities to provide quality basic education to learners across 97 districts in all the 10 provinces in Zambia. Premised on the principle that every child has a right to education, ZOCS is currently empowering about 240,000 learners (112,433 Boys and 127,567 Girls) in over 1,285 Community Schools. Through its three-pillar approach of Advocacy, Service Delivery and Capacity Building, ZOCS has accomplished much for the children and people of Zambia. The three pillars on which ZOCS builds its approach are those of enhanced educational opportunities for children, increased community capacity to provide such opportunities and advocating for Government commitment to the sustainability of ZOCS innovations in over 2000 Community Schools in Zambia.  ZOCS work supplements Ministry of Education (MoE) in the provision of quality education in Zambia.



ZOCS’ work primarily focuses on community-based approaches. This not only helps the organization achieve its mission, but also ensures that interventions are made to address the needs of the community. With that said, below are the areas in which ZOCS operates

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Child Protection
  • Social Accountability
  • Learning Support
  • Integrated Community Development
  • Economic Strengthening
  • Organizational Capacity Development


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